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About Us

First Frame Film Studio is a private film studio tucked away in Santa Rosa California.  Our goal is to offer production companies, businesses, and individuals a professional space to shoot their videos. We offer green, blue, and black screens as well as a full head-to-toe infinite white wall, with professional lighting to go along with it.  We brought in an acoustical engineer to ensure we have a quiet no eco space to work. Put that together with a viewing room, full bar, heating and AC, sound booth, and we have put together a great studio for you to create your project.


Services we provide...

If you are just looking for a quite place to film your video and all you need is lights and back drop this is the place.  You bring in your own camera equipment and the place is yours.


We also offer the use of our full equipment inventory that comes with with an operator.


If you are needing full video production starting with just your idea we can help.  We have a team of creative individuals that can help bring your vision to life with script writing, story boarding, direction and more.

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